Thursday, May 27, 2010


I did it! Turns out it is pretty easy once the pan is the right temperature.

My stack of abelskiver.
(Danish Pancakes)

Kirk being my guinea pig.
I think he likes it.


I was so excited when the box arrived from Lehmans. The box was heavy with the cast iron pan inside. I carefully opened the box and threw aside the paper packaging material. There it was my new pan all wrapped in bubble wrap. Wrapped very well with bubble wrap. With a little effort and help from my teeth I finally got it freed. Darn too busy today to make the aebleskiver. Next day I was too sick. So finally the day came.

I would like to say that all my expectations were met, but nope. I did learn a few things though. The pan must be the perfect temperature before you put the batter in to cook. Not hot enough and the inside cooks before the aebleskiver can be turned. Too hot and obviously they burn. Oh and regular sized toothpicks do not make good turners. I need to get some of those skewer things.

So in my quest for new recipes to incorporate into our boring diet it would appear that I failed with this one. I would like to say instead that it was a learning experience and I will win this battle.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not sleeping in.

So today is my first opportunity to sleep in for the 6 months or so and what do I do. I get up at 5 a.m.

Why is this?

Yesterday, was such a difficult day. Saskia and her mother returned home to Germany. The airport was a nightmare. After getting their confirmations for there flight before going to bed the night before, we arrive at the airport only to find that Saskia's flight had been canceled. It took 3 hours of tears and stress and a missed flight, but in the end, things finally worked out. The staff of United airlines were fantastic. They worked non-stop trying to get them on a flight for the entire 3 hours.

To make a long story short. I think that God used this as another opportunity to show me that he really does answer prayers.

Then I come home and head over to Brandi's to cry. Well I thought I was going to cry, but I guess since the situation got resolved that I didn't need to cry anymore. I was sad to see Saskia go home but also happy. She was still so ill and needed to be in her own environment.

Ok then I run some errands with Aaron. Almost get in two accidents! I think people forget that there are rules on the road for a reason.

After yesterday I have decided that I am going NOWHERE today. I am just going to sleep in and ...WHAT!

I so want to sleep in. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.