Friday, October 29, 2010


People say "For the love of Pete" and "For Pete's sake". So the question is: Who is Pete?

Pete is a spider. He has been living above my coat closet for about 3 or 4 weeks. He has only gotten to stay because I am terrified that if I try to squish the little creeper that he will fall on me.

So after the first week of his intrusion, I decided that I could at least keep my eyes on him and not be afraid that he was going to crawl into my clothes or my bed and bite me or worse, crawl into my ear and .... oh that is just to horrible to think about. Well, then I thought that if he was going to hang around awhile that he needed a name. So Pete he became.

Now I have this friend who has a preying mantis. It just so happens that Jessie, the name of her bug, is hungry. So this friend says, just put Pete in a jar and bring him over. Hummmm...I love that idea. One problem. How on earth do I convince Pete to get into the jar. I certainly am NOT going to touch the creepy crawly thing. Well, I decide to lean on my much braver husband for this task. Even if he will make fun of me when I tell him of the dilemma.

After weeks of hanging out in the same spot without so much as moving an inch; imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and Pete was not there.

I feel the terror rising up within me.

Where is he?


Well I found Pete. He has found a new location in which to do his hibernating. It just happens to be in the access to the attic. Right above my bedroom door. I have to walk under him in order to get into my bedroom. Well, he certainly can't stay there! Until my hubby gets home I will just have to enter my bedroom via the bathroom.

Spiders like to fall as soon as you are under them!