Monday, July 5, 2010


Last night the family and I sat on the back porch to watch the fireworks. It is quite the experience that we only discovered last year.

Behind our house is a road, then the open space of the golf course surrounded by trees. This makes for an adventure that takes ones imagination off to the time of the Revolutionary War.

As the sun begins to drop down from the sky the sights, sounds, and smells begin. First, we begin to hear the pops echoing from the trees followed by the puffs of smoke rising into the air. It is not difficult to envision revolutionary soldiers within those trees.

As the darkness grows so does the spectacle. Before we know it, we are surrounded on all sides by a sky filled with "bombs bursting in air". Reds, golds, and blues all raining down around us.

A smoky mist begins to encircle us and our breath fills with the aroma of the blasting powder.

The "cannon fire" echoes from one edge of our line of sight and back from the other. Our windows shudder from the encompassing "Boom".

The chill in the air and our sleepy eyes bring us back to 2010. So off to bed we go falling asleep to the now muted sounds of the Fourth of July.