Sunday, December 5, 2010


What a crazy day this last Friday was.

It had been two weeks since our last bible study and my house was messy. There had been so much activity in those past two weeks that I had just let the house tend to itself. The house doesn't do such a good job of keeping itself clean.

Someone had come up with the idea that for the woman's Christmas party we should all make homemade gifts. (I know who that person is and I will get my revenge.) Anyway, I had the added mess from my efforts at making this gift.

Plus, since the before mentioned Christmas party is to be held at my home I wanted to have it decorated in time. So with the help of some special little helpers, there has been some lugging up boxes full of decorations, sorting through those boxes, deciding which decorations to use and which not to, popcorn stringing, a holiday village to set up, and of course hot chocolate drinking. (I'm exhausted just remembering.)

The Blizzard added to our pile of activities and chores. Shoveling, shoveling, and yes, more shoveling. Wet soggy boots line up at the door while gloves and coats seem to find any chair or spot on the floor to rest.

My son attends bible study at the Pastor's house. Earlier in the week he was informed that there would be a potluck on Friday. Bible study starts at 6:30 pm. At 3:30 my precious son whom I love dearly, informs me that he is taking salmon rolls and wants to know if I will help him make them. Knowing that there are none of the ingredients in the house and that he must go out and look for them, I sigh, then agree.

Two hours later, half an hour before people start showing up at our house for bible study, that precious son of mine calls to tell me that he can not find any Leftsa. So he heads home with tortilla shells and I make the salmon rolls while he cleans up the downstairs. And I wonder, Why did I pick today to change and wash all the bedding?

Friday was a crazy day for me, but how many more times will my son ask for my help? How many more days until the day comes when he moves out, into his own life? How many more, until there are no mores?

Friday was a wonderful day, my son asked me for help and I was able to.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Up in Bubbles!

I do not like to take a shower or bath when I am home alone.
I feel vunerable.
So I try to avoid it.

Sometimes I do manage to overcome my fear. But the problem is...

The dog must feel vunerable too because he will bark at the slightest noise, real or imaginary. Then he will barge into the bathroom barking at me as if he is alerting me to an impending danger. Then he turns as if he is going to leave me to my solitude. But... oh no, he makes it clear that I MUST follow him to secure the perimeter.


Today the UPS guy came and dropped a package at the front door. BOOM!

I guess I'll finish my shower and wash my now wet dredlocked hair after Aaron gets home from school.