Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year

It's almost the new year. Time to make those resolutions that one always intends to follow through with, but more often then not, don't. For that reason, I have rarely made New Year Resolutions.

I have often heard people say that resolutions are just a way to set yourself up for failure. Oh, I shall we just give up then? Don't even try?

Have we become so complacent that we are simply satisfied with our short comings? Maybe we are so fearful of failure because it might hurt our self esteem, that we fail to even try.

Have we forgotten how to strive for a goal? How to dig deep, sweat, sacrifice, and actually work to achieve our objective?

This year we must decide: go with the idea of preserving our precious self esteem or set some goals and try.

My goals: 

1.   Read from my bible everyday. I will do my best to understand what I am reading and not only read the words.

2.  In my attempt to get closer to God, I am going to try remember to spend some time in prayer every day. 

3.   Get more organized. I can not believe how fast life can get disorganized. One little slip leads to another and another until before you know it you are overwhelmed with clutter and disorganization. I function so much better within an organized life.

4.   Finish the family room. This one is almost cheating because it is nearly finished. Just some wainscotting, paint, and a few finishing touches and it's finished. Except for the carpet. That will be on my goal list for another year I suppose. 

5.   Learn how to make file cabinets. In order to finish the office, I need file cabinets. I can not seem to find affordable ones that fit my need. Plus I like the idea of making my own to be just what I want. This would be a really nice accomplishment since it would help me to live in that organized life that I mentioned. 

6.   Plant and harvest a successful garden this year.

7.   Learn more about living naturally and implementing what I learn.

8.   I hope that my company "The Cleansing Creek" actually makes money this year. I know what you are thinking. You didn't even know I had a company. That is only one of many problems I must overcome. 

9.   I hope to overcome my fear of people....or maybe not. Maybe just improve my social skills a little to start with.

10.  And finally.....that famous....lose weight. I hope to lose more then I put on.