Sunday, March 20, 2011

Once again; I was wrong, God was right

Several years ago Kirk, Aaron and I used to help the Jones' with the bus ministry at church. On Saturday's we would all go door to door inviting kids to church. Then early Sunday morning we would all hop in the bus and Kirk would drive it around to all the homes where the kids lived who wanted to come. At each house, Dan Jones, who had more energy then anyone would think possible could be contained into one man, would bound out of the bus door with a big grin on his face. After each pickup we would all sing songs. Brandi led those songs with such obvious enthusiasm. I did my best to help, but I couldn't manage a fraction of the joy the others had.

My time on the bus soon came to an end. I started to look at the bus ministry as "work". Time that could be better spent doing recreational activities with the family. I began to be filled with resentment. My heart was hardened towards those little lost children. I would soon enter into a period of my life that I call the "Deep Dark Valley". Where we would leave church and I would face many lessons, but untimately teaching me the heart knowledge that it isn't about "works". Works without LOVE leads to resentment. LOVE God with all your heart, Listen to him, and Work because you truly LOVE him.

So today, one of those sweet little bus girls came to church, something like 10 years later. Her and a young man came by themselves. No one went and knocked on their door and no bus picked them up. She came because she remembered the love that those wonderful people on the bus showed her. Those bus workers knew something that it took me those same 10 years to learn. There is no better way to spend your time then working for our Lord.

That little girl and her friend got saved today. They will not have to face the torment of hell, they WILL spend ETERNITY, surrounded by love, in HEAVEN.