Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Hate Cows

 Today started off as a typical day at work. With my back to the window, a violation of my normal self security precautions, I was sitting there reading a book to my patient. All of the sudden I heard this thud thud behind me. With a couple of cats, a dog and a flock of chickens running around, there are always little noises here and there. So I casually turned around to see what was outside the window. Imagine my surprise when I saw a couple of pairs of rump roast parked immediately outside the window.

With no one else around, it was up to me to get those walking sirloins behind the gate again. Cows are notorious for escaping their enclosures. Know the phrase, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? Cows invented it. 

 I hate cows, unless they are served for dinner. Anyway,  I waved my arms and hoot n' hollered just like a real cow wrangler. One by one I got 5 of the 7 escapees locked up again. I was gaining some confidence with these creatures. I had it all figured out. Chase all the cows that are still behind the gate away from the gate, then just get the escapees up in this corner, then open the gate and use the parked truck as a road block and then I can block the other exit. Ha! As long as they didn't retreat around the front of my durango I had it made. Yeah! I can do this! Then came number 6. He was a squirrelly rebellious young'un. As he was squirming around me and eventually out and down the road this big monster was sneaking around behind me.

This guy headed straight for the garden. Still feeling somewhat confident I circled around to get in front of him to head him off. So I started waving my arms and hoot n' hollerin' again. Well....all the other cows turn around and try to escape this craziness. Not this one. He just stood his ground and stared at me. Did I mention that I hate cows. This guy was not going to be intimidated by me. So I hid behind a little plum tree. And the big monster cow did whatever he wanted as I waved a stick at him from behind a tree.

(And just in case you were wondering. Yes, I have been around cows before. The field right next to my parents house is full of those fly attracting things. I used to live at my parent's house.)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I was driving home from work today talking to my hubby on the cell, when I saw something move off in the trees. It was a BIG *** moose. I about hung up on my hubby because I needed to use my cell phone as a camera and I had to be quick just in case he bolted. So I stopped the Durango, rolled down the passenger window, stretched my arm out while holding the cell phone and "click". In my attempts to miss the vehicle in my shot, I also missed the moose. 

It would have been such a good picture too. He had noticed me and squared up to the vehicle, giving it a good stare down and showing off the impressive rack upon his head. At that point I was thinking ummm....fight or flight. Gambling that the moose would notice that the durango was bigger and with my foot ready on the gas pedal I decided to stand my ground.

After getting the one quick and missed shot, the moose must have decided he wasn't going to tangle with the Durango so he started on his way. Away from me. 

My cell phone makes it seem so far away but, it's not as far away as it seems. 

 Yeah....well let's see if you could do better using a cell phone camera with your arm all the way stretched out. Oh yeah, and your foot on the gas...just in case. 

This isn't the first moose I have seen. One has crossed the road right in front of me up near Lolo Hot-springs in Montana. There was a mama and her baby in a creek in Yellowstone. They were quite a distance away and not threatening in any way. Then of course, the infamous Moose Lake incident. Finally there is this one. Kirk says there is one more where this young moose ran out in front of the car. Just kept running out there in front of us going the same direction. Now that he tells me the story it sounds kind of familiar but, I don't really remember. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Application for Graduation

My dear son has put in his application for graduation. He will be done with college by Christmas. It is exciting and scarey all in one. What does a college graduate have to look forward to these days? 

This year he is a senator at the college. It is a shame that he has to give that up half way through the year because he is getting such good experience from it. He has shown so much personal growth so far this year and I credit student government for that. Well hopefully it will help his resume' anyway.

I ask him about his plans for his future. They include: get a job, take a trip, start his own business. I think about the get a job part. Will this job take him away from home? Will he be able to afford all his dreams? Then I remember that Washington keeps raising it's minimum wage. He can just get a job at McDonalds  and make as much as those guys who work those hard physical labor jobs. 

Guess he didn't need that college degree after all. 

Just kidding, I hope he does a little better then that. I just couldn't resist putting my little jab in there about the minimum wage increase. I could go on about why that was a bad idea for everybody but, this blog isn't about that.