Thursday, March 1, 2012

Homemade Samoa Cookies

Those cookies that the little girls in green peddle each year are delicious. Unfortunately they are quite a bother.
First, you must wait for cookie season. What happens when you get a craving in non-cookie season? Hmmm, I see a clever marketing tactic at work.
Second, you need to know a girl scout. OK, they did fix that problem with their turf wars over the Walmart entrance location.
Finally, there is their not so moral political connections. *Sigh* Tragic.

My husband loves the caramel coconut crunchy cookie and I love my husband. So he shall not have to bow down to the girls in green and their mafia tactics. A recipe I shall find.

Yep, I totally made that sound like I went in search of a recipe. Ha! Nope, I just happened to run across one while scrolling through Pinterest one day. Here it is:

So one snowy day in February, you know the day that happens once every 4 years, I decided to make some homemade somoa cookies.

Step One: Make shortbread cookies.

Step Two: Roast Coconut, add to melted caramel, with great difficulty spread on top of shortbread cookie. Hot sticky stuck to fingers, yay.
Step Three: Dip bottom of cookie in melted chocolate chips...Ooops! I dropped one. Scratch that. With a spoon, spread melted chocolate chips onto bottom of cookie.
Step Four: Drizzle melted chocolate on top of cookies, being careful to seal the bag so chocolate doesn't squish out all over your hands.
Step Five: About 5 hours later, let cookie rest until morning, allowing the chocolate to firm up.

My son and I had so much fun making these cookies. I think I will make it an annual tradition. Let's say I make them every year on February 29th.

Good thing those little elves make these now.


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